Jessica Bradford Photography | About Us
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About Us

Get to know us better
Jessica & Brad
photo credit: Bluegrass Bebe Photography
We are lovers.

We are a married couple who share a passion for the arts and photography. Together, we provide our clients with the perspective of two unique artists. We have been known to shed a joyful tear at the weddings we cover together reflecting on our own love story.

We are storytellers.

We have an organic and timeless approach to our style. We strive to catch the raw, candid moments. The laughs. The tears. The romance. We blend these harmoniously with the styled portraits and family shots to tell your love story. Photographs give you a moment in time that you can hold on to. You can cherish these moments forever. We love looking back on our own grandparent’s wedding photos, feeling what they felt, experiencing the day that started so much of what we hold dear. We want your grandkids to feel that too.

Brad's Grandparents, Wedding Day. April 7, 1951.
We are parents.

We know what it feels like to watch your babies grow. We know how fast and fleeting each stage is. We know how quickly they change. And, just how dearly we want to remember every detail of these moments. We want to look back on our Saturday mornings making our special recipe of pancakes and remember what it looked like when our son finally got the hang of cracking the egg just right. The look on our daughter’s face when in full blown giggle mode or just the sweet touch of her toes. We want to watch our clients build their families and grow, too.

We are friends.

We are so happy you have found us and we want to get to know you. We believe in building a lasting relationship with our clients, documenting their unique stories over time. From marriage, to bumps, business ventures, and children. We want you to be our client, but we also want to be your friend.

photo credit: Cheryl Marie Photography